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This is the time when all the hard work is going to pay off. Managing your home during showings while living in it is not easy but very important. You’re opening your home up to total strangers and yes, it is very difficult and unsettling however, most horror stories don’t actually happen and 95% of the time everything runs smoothly. Nonethless, being prepared never hurt anyone.


Make your home available for showings.

If you absolutely require 24 hours notice for showings, don’t make people wait 24 hours to see your home especially in the current real estate market. A reasonable advance warning is of course essential, but you will need to accept the discomfort of home showings at random times and be ready for them.


Take all your prized possessions.

This doesn’t mean remove everything from your home but hiding and/or removing your expensive and vital possessions is always a good idea. Your home will be visited by buyers accompanied by an agent however, you can never be too careful so taking extra care and pre-caution is always a good idea.


Be ready to find things not the way you left them.

Most unfortunately, when someone comes into your home they don’t always have the same respect for it that you do. People leave lights on and sometimes even their shoes. No matter how you implore with agents and their buyers to turn off all the lights, lock all the doors and take off their shoes, somehow, someone always forgets to follow the strict directions. Most are honest mistakes but it doesn’t make the fact any easier to accept. Your hydro bill may be a bit higher that month.


Leave the house.

If you think that staying at home while a buyer comes in to check out a property will help your chances of selling, you are dead, dead wrong. First of all, it is a great distraction to the buyer because now they can’t not associate the home with those who currently live there and the goal is to have the buyer associate the home with themselves. Secondly, showings with sellers present take a significantly shorter amount of time because buyers can’t help feel like intruders and they get out of there as quickly as possible. That is the complete opposite of what you want so don’t put anyone in that situation. In the end, the buyer comes to see the property so it’s essential they see what they came for.


Make it smell good.

It’s hard to find a greater turnoff than a home that doesn’t smell nice when you come see it. There is no need to bake cookies all day long but there is a need to keep it fresh and smelling good. Try not to cook anything with lingering smells and freshen up the home before every showing. There are many tips on how to keep your home looking and smelling great during showings. This chore comes hand in hand with keeping your house clean and is not very hard to do.


Clean daily and maintain it.

This will take constant effort but it’s absolutely essential. Wash the dishes every day, dust every day, take out the garbage and every time you leave before a showing spend 15 minutes cleaning like your sale depends on it – because it just might.  This also applies to the outside of your house or condo, keep the landscaping fresh and the balcony clean.


Turn on the lights.

Even during the day, this raises the appeal of your home. Imagine being the buyer and stumbling in the dark to find the light switch in the walk in closet or the den. Proper and full lighting shows better every time so take advantage of this simple technique and leave the lights on before showings.


How the Toronto Realty Guide team helps throughout the process:

  • We consult and recommend the best professionals to help you move through the showing process with more ease.
  • We follow up with Realtors who show your property to gauge interest and potentially schedule another showing for a buyer who already visited your home. This helps to narrow down the truly interested parties.
  • We prepare for open houses and are there to visit the property to make sure everything is ready for a showing when you can’t.

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