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Once you’ve decided to sell your house all you need to do is find a good Realtor who knows how to sell and wait for the offers to roll in, right? I mean, there are tons of homes that sell 300K over asking just because, right? Unfortunately, reality is starkly different from the internet. Before you even list your home, there is a lot of “homework” to be done.


Fix everything that looks odd.  

As you may be already aware, every detail matters and gets noticed by prospective buyers.  Fix the dripping faucet, the holes in the wall, the broken baseboard, the old bathroom grout, anything that needs to be taken care of should and must be taken care of before the property goes on the market. Painting the front porch, doing some landscaping and cleaning out the garage will repay you dearly.



If you have the funds and the time, upgrading certain aspects of the home can go a long way. The kitchen and the bathroom will give you the most bang for your buck when it comes time to negotiate the offer. As well, painting the rooms to make the home look fresher is almost always a good choice. Unless your home needs a total reno and you’re selling it for those specific purposes, putting in a small amount of cash will really add value to your property.


Really clean up.

This means that you need to clean really, really well, get into all the forgotten corners and make sure everything is not only spotless, but is shining too. This is the easiest and basically free way to improve the look of your home. Wash and iron your curtains, dust every surface, scrub every corner. This makes A HUGE difference when potential buyers visit your home.


Make the best features of your home stand out.

Say you have a large yard or an upgraded kitchen or a fully finished basement – those are the features that you should put emphasis on when selling. This means that you need to clean the clutter out of that basement and make it look like a potential income producing area of the home and make that kitchen the place to congregate when buyers are discussing your home.



We really can’t notice how clutter builds up in our own homes but it does big time. When you think you are done removing all the extra stuff, remove one more thing. The more spacious and minimalist your home looks, the better it shows.  You can store all the boxes in a temporary storage unit and in the process you may rid your life of unwanted burdens you didn’t know you had. This is actually therapeutic to your soul; imagine what it can do for your home.



This isn’t necessary for all properties but if you want to add some extra value to your home without doing anything yourself this works wonders. You don’t have to stage every single detail; in fact, stagers can work with what you currently have in your home and incorporate your furniture and accessories into beautifying the home while adding some great details. If this is not something you want to get into then at the very least get a design consultation from a stager who can advise on how to make your home look more appealing. This usually costs around $250 but may be the best $250 you will spend on your home.


Price correctly once and for all.

This is BY FAR the most important aspect of preparing your home for sale. You can fluff all the pillows, renovate the entire home but if your house or condo is overpriced it will be a slow and painful selling process  and no amount of fresh paint will help you sell. Remember, your home is worth only what a buyer is willing to pay for it. Keep that in your mind throughout the entire process, try (it’s hard) to detach yourself from your home. A lot of the time sellers are offended by the potential listing price of their home because they think “Well my house is worth more than that! I built that deck with my own hands! My backyard is amazing for entertaining!” etc. The cold hard truth is, unfortunately, no one cares how that deck was built; the home will sell for what the buyer is currently willing to pay for it. The real estate market numbers and statistics of recently sold and un-sold do not lie. We literally see hundreds of houses and condos per month and will advise you on the best pricing strategy for your specific home, area or building.


How the Toronto Realty Guide team helps

  • We’re convinced that the benefits of a correct pricing strategy are unmatched so we price your property for your market. This saves you money, time and disappointment. We’re interested in pricing for a successful sale.
  • We bust our butt off to showcase your efforts and your home, we market it to the correct demographic, conduct agent and public open houses, and let the right people know about your sale.
  • We have a trusted team behind us who are ready to come to your aid whenever needed. Be it a real estate lawyer, painter or handyman.

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