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You’d be amazed, but despite what you hear on the news, bidding wars do not visit every seller’s door. It’s not about putting together the MLS listing and waiting, it’s about making it happen. It’s introducing your home to the demographic that is looking for your home and to those who can’t make up their mind yet about whether they want to buy. It’s about making your home steal the spotlight.


We make it easy for other agents to find and show your home.

A complete Toronto MLS presence exponentially increases the number of Realtors and buyers who see your home online. In addition, the vast majority of buyers look for homes online (hence the popularity of online brokerages) and if those buyers can’t find your home online, you’re losing the battle before it even starts. Professional photos and videos are a staple of our marketing and greatly add to the searcheability and internet curb appeal of your home.


We target the right pool of buyers.

There is no use advertising a move in ready home to a contractor so we advertise to the right demographic right away. This doesn’t mean we hide your listing from potential buyers; we simply target your home to a specific group of people who are more likely to buy a property like yours. This allows those who are interested to see it fast and see it first.


We introduce your home to those who aren’t sure yet.

There are many people who don’t think that they are looking for a place until they see the home that opens up their eyes. We make your property that eye opening home. Surprisingly, there is a very large number of people who aren’t looking but fit the profile of the buyer for your property whether it be a first time buyer, down sizer, renovator, investor or upgrading family. We expose your home to that specific group who don’t know they need your home yet.


We package it well.

The importance of attractive and one of a kind marketing material cannot be understated. Every listing we acquire is unique and has its own marketing plan. It’s not about us, it’s about your home and we market your home, not our services.  Your home takes centre stage.


We hire professionals.

We’re Realtors which means that we are not photographers, stagers, videographers or graphic designers. We work with recommended professionals to make your home look the best it can be, no exceptions.


We work all hours.

We conduct open houses for the public on the weekends and for Realtors during the week (potential buyers are welcome to drop in too). This allow us to expose your home to everyone who is in the market to buy, who may know of someone who is in the market to buy and those who realize they are ready to buy when they see your property. 


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